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Connor Paoletti, M.S.,NCC

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi, my name is Connor Paoletti and I am currently pursuing my Masters of Professional Counseling at Carlow University. I obtained a bachelor’s from Duquesne University in exercise science while also minoring in psychology. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I began to realize how much of a role our mental health plays on our well-being.

I have always been a huge proponent of wellness but realized that how we feel physically is directly linked to how we take care of ourselves mentally. Wellness can be achieved across numerous domains however, emphasizing our mental health is fundamental in this process.

My goal is to help individuals overcome life’s obstacles through collaboration and unconditional support. Together, we are able to work towards your individual goals and develop the necessary tools that will assist you in facing your challenges.

My primary focus is trauma-based counseling, and I enjoy working with a young to late adulthood population. I also have a huge interest in working with athletes as athletics has played a major role in my life.