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Bariatric Clearance

Research shows that about 70 percent to 80 percent of people who have bariatric surgery are successful at losing weight and keeping it off for five years after gastric bypass surgery.

What to expect in preparation and during your clearance with us:

You will work with a counselor who specializes in helping people prepare for weight-loss surgery. They can identify and assess risk factors that could make it hard for you to make the lifestyle changes you need to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

You will complete new client paperwork for this visit and within the paperwork is a release of information.  Please include your surgeon's name, number, and fax number in which the clearance will need to be sent to after your visit with us.  The clearance process usually takes 1-3 sessions; however, it is optional to continue before and after the weight-loss procedure.

Insurance may be used for these visits after checking coverage, but our self-pay rate per session is $125.

The Bariatric Clearance can be done virtually or in person.

We offer same week appointments and the clearances are always sent a few days after completion of the visit(s).

We look forward to helping you on this journey!