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Connor Paoletti, M.S., LAPC, NCC

Licensed Associate Professional Counselor

I received my Masters degree from Carlow University in Professional Counseling and have been working in the mental field for the last 3 years. I am looking to further my education through a Counselor Education and Supervision Doctoral Program this upcoming year. Throughout my education and experience, I have recognized just how important our mental health is in our overall well-being.

I am a huge advocate for exercise, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle as it creates the perfect environment to achieve wellness across multiple domains. By emphasizing our mental health, it allows for the harmony of our mind, body, and spirit. I believe that each client has their own unique set of strengths and through our collaborative efforts, will learn how to harness them to overcome their struggles. 

My primary focus is trauma-informed counseling and the utilization of evidence based treatment. I enjoy working with late adolescents, adults, and couples. Additionally, I have a profound interest in working with athletic populations as athletics has been an integral part of my life.